Applying for Michigan Medicaid

Applying for Michigan Medicaid can be a confusing process.  Unfortunately, there are too many organizations out there offering their assistance, including nursing homes, social workers, insurance salesmen, and financial advisors.  All of these other individuals may not have your loved ones best interests at heart.  That is why it’s important to work with a qualified Michigan elder law attorney who can help you navigate the Michigan Medicaid process.

What is the Michigan Medicaid Program?  Michigan Medicaid is a program for Michigan individuals and families who cannot or do not wish to pay for medical care and the high cost of nursing home stays.

How do I know if I qualify for Michigan Medicaid?  You may be covered for Michigan Medicaid if you meet certain requirements, including certain asset tests.  It is important to speak with a Michigan Medicaid planning lawyer if you or a family member is looking at a skilled nursing home state because you may qualify for Michigan Medicaid even though you do not know it.  Don’t rely on the nursing home staff or social workers to tell you if you qualify for Medicaid.  Speak with a with a medicaid planning lawyer.  If you’re in the Detroit area, speak with a Detroit medicaid planning lawyer.

How Do I apply for Medicaid?  You can apply for Medicaid by visiting your local DHS office.  The Oakland county DHS office is in Pontiac and the Macomb county DHS office is in Clinton Township, the Wayne county DHS office is in Detroit.  That said it may make sense to speak with a Oakland County Medicaid planning attorney, Wayne county medicaid planning attorney or Macomb county medicaid planning attorney before submitting a Michigan medicaid application to DHS.  A Michigan elder law attorney can provide insights on the Medicaid application.

What information do I need for my Michigan Medicaid application?  There is specific information that is needed for your Michigan Medicaid application that needs to be submitted to DHS.  As Michigan elder law attorneys who help clients with their Medicaid applications, we typically help our clients gather the necessary information.  This can include proof of age, citizenship, income, assets, retirement accounts, insurance, and assets.

If I think I may qualify for Medicaid should I cancer any other health insurance I might already have?  It is important to speak with a Oakland county elder law attorney, Macomb county elder law attorney, or Wayne county elder law attorney to determine whether you should cancel any health insurance you may have before applying for Medicaid with DHS.  That said, most likely the answer is no.

What if the Medicaid Applicant is a Veteran entitled to Veterans Benefits?  If the Medicaid applicant is a Veteran and looking to enter a nursing home and potentially apply for Medicaid benefits, than its important to speak with an elder law attorney familiar with both Medicaid and Veterans Benefits.  The metro Detroit elder law attorney must be VA accredited and familiar with the Medicaid program as well as the VA Pension, otherwise known as the Aid & Attendance benefit.

Hopefully this information has been helpful.  If you have any questions, please contact me at our Oakland county elder law and medicaid planning law office in Bloomfield Hills, where we help clients in the Metro Detroit area including Farmington Hills, Troy, Southfield, Rochester, Livonia, Dearborn, Beverly Hills, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Birmingham, Walled Lake, Waterford, Brighton, Detroit, Down River and the rest of the Metro Detroit area.  Additionally, we help clients through out Michigan, from Detroit, to Lansing, to Grand Rapids with their elder law and medicaid planning questions.